The Lumberjack Lowdown  

What is the Lumberjack? - Short version
Well it's a 2 day stage race with multiple stage styles brought to you by the team who have bought you events like the Hellfire Cup, Kellevie 6 hour, Mtn Trails Hillbilly 24 hour and more. The philosophy behind the Lumberjack race format is about having an event that has something for all skill levels and trail riding styles. The Lumberjack has timed descents but is not a gravity enduro. The event uses some of our XC endurance course, but is not an XC race. The Lumberjack is purely and simply a trail riders race and the chance to gather with crew for some real good times, it's about people who love to ride. The Lumberjack is hosted at the beautiful Kellevie race village, which, has lots of great trails being added all the time. The race format is simple - you ride each stage with your combined stage times adding to you total time. The rider who completes all 5 mandatory stages in the shortest time wins. We also will be awarding separate trophies for the fastest xc stage times and for the fastest descender. 

Our events are professionally run and we also focus on a fun and social atmosphere. As always we are bringing you some new trails and fun and exciting formats to ride and have a blast with your mates. The race village, camping, parking, bar, live entertainment, food vendor live results, camping and showers are all in the one convenient area.

Whilst we have a pretty cool race village with entertainment, showers, food vendors, coffee, Jettech charge station where campervan or pitched tent camping is welcome, if you don't want to camp and you are travelling to the area, there is lots of cool accommodation options in the area ranging from budget to boutique.

Different spokes for different folks
Yes you can have different bikes for different stages but you MUST CHANGE YOUR NUMBER PLATE over to the bike you are using at the time. If you intend to do this take some extra cable ties with you.

The Lumberjack in detail 

To help you get your event plan squared away we have put together the following information for competitors. Please take the time to read the following info so you can have a great time. 

Entry fees:
$220 Early bird 1 Sold out in first first event sign up    

$250 Early bird 2 October 4th  -  December 4th

$275 - Standard entry fee: December 5th - January 16th  2022

On the day entries -There aren't any

$125 Juniors  17-19 y/o (saving $150) only 25 spaces available (riders 15 - 17 y/o may apply for Race Directors approval) Parental consent required for all riders under 18.  There are no under 17  race categories. 

What does my entry cover? 

Your entry fee covers the following:

  • 6 exciting stages with highly varied terrain and courses - Including an optional night stage

  • Free camping at the race village and fee free access to showers, charge facilities, bike wash etc 

  • Presentation BBQ  at the end of day 2

  • RFID timing and live online results.

  • Live entertainment 

  • Professional event management services 

  • Event momento

  • Rad riding with new trails and fresh stage configurations.

  • Free onsite wifi

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives you an idea so you can decide if the event is  for you or not. 

The Lumberjack Categories

Junior M/F


Open M/F


Veterans M/F


Masters M/F


Grand master M/F


Legend M/F


Single Speed 
18-150 (Single speeders over the age of 145 require a medical certificate to race) 

Race information and rules
By reading the following information that is here you will make your life easier . There can be changes from previous events we have run around the start, transition, registration and other mysterious things in this document so take the time to read it properly and feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions.

Ok, let’s start with the most important things, a couple of key safety requirements:

A and B lines 
On stages 5 and 6 there are A and B lines. The A lines are clearly marked with a black arrow on a yellow background. The A lines indicate a trail section that requires a higher level of technical skill. We strongly recommend having a look at the A and B options on these stages on Friday afternoon or on Saturday between stages. If you are not 100% confident on the A lines take the B lines.


Your safety driving home
After the race you will be tired, perhaps like you have walked on a lake with shoes made of bread (perhaps not), you are welcome to camp the Sunday night and rest before any long journey home. If enjoying the Moo Brew bar offerings camping s available fri, sat, and Sunday night, the local police unit are aware of the event and will be onto anyone over the limit on the road. So camp and dont drive if you dont have a designated driver. 


Some racing tips
1. If you are new to racing or longer events, pace yourself, either someone is fitter than you or they aren’t. If they are you won’t catch them anyway, if they aren’t you will get ‘em when they are walking. Ride your own race.

2. Remember it is a fun and social event.

3. The following spares are worth having: joining link and chain breaker, tubes, derailleur hanger chain lube if it’s dry, chain lube if it’s wet.

4. Check your bike during the week before, not the morning before.

5. Get there and get your reg pack early - if you aren’t signed in by 9:00AM you will be a DNS.

6. Some of the vegetation is tight so crew running wider bars need to be mindful of dodging the odd saplings.

7. Take cash as eftpos service may be unreliable.

8. Bring riding gear and clothing gear for all weather conditions.


Results will be available live online  here as well as regularly updated and displayed in the race village area.


Friday  11th of February         

3:00pm   Site open for camping

6:00pm - 8:00pm Registration

Saturday 12th of February 

7:00am - 9:00am Registration 

9:30am   Race Briefing Stage 1

10:00am Race Start - Stage 1

2:30pm   Race Briefing - Stage 2

3:00pm   Stage 2

6:30pm   Race Briefing - Stage 3

7:00pm   Stage 3 Optional (Night Stage -  lights required) 

Sunday   13th of February

7:45am   Race Briefing - Stage 4

8:00am   Cruise stage to stage 4

9:00am   Stage 4

11:15am  Race Briefing - Stage 5 and 6 

11:30am  Cruise to Stage 5

12:30pm  Stage 5

2:30pm    Cruise to Stage 6

3:30pm    Stage 6

5:30pm    Presentations/after party/BBQ.  


Race Registration
Riders can register on any of the following times:·
Friday 11th at the Jettech Event Village 6:00pm – 8:00pm. Saturday 12th at the Jettech Event Village 7:00am – 9:00am. At registration competitors will receive their entry pack.


Car Parking
Car parking will be managed in the race village area. If you have a campervan or caravan you may also park in the camping area, please be considerate of others. There will be marshals stationed at key points to guide you. Parking attendants will be in place from 3:00pm - 7:00pm on Friday and 7am-10am on Saturday to ensure that parking is orderly and cars are not parked in access lanes. Please follow directions from these attendants. CAR PARKING AND CAMP SITES WILL FOLLOW ALL COVID -19 PROTOCOLS IN PLACE AT THE THE TIME OF THE EVENT. Do not leave valuables in sight and ensure that your vehicle is locked and secured. The race organisers are not held liable for any damage or stolen property. Remember if you are driving on the property at night do not use high-beam and adhere to the speed limit signage. If you have an urgent need to leave, and your vehicle and you are in the camping area, you can only do so with the direction of event staff.


We provide a charge station for lights, phones and laptops. Please mark your power board and charging equipment clearly. There will be tags and cable ties provided. Each rider is allocated one outlet and can use ONE 4-outlet board off their allocated outlet (no stacking with double adapters etc. It is naughty and makes electricians cry). Please use power boards in good and serviceable condition (leave the grandpas bakelite puppy with the cloth insulation at home!)· No food or drinks near the charge table. ·The responsibility for the security of your equipment rests with you! The managers of this event are not responsible for loss or damage occurring to equipment.· The charge facility will operate from 9am Saturday to 5:00pm Sunday.

It is an opportune moment for us to thank Sam from Jettech for his ongoing support and, outside of his massive efforts with electrical infrastructure at the village, he has been responsible for developing our online networking system during events.


Riders can bring their own generators however all generators must be turned off at 10.00pm. Remember you will be near other people and some of them will be trying to rest.


Fire-bins will be placed around the village and these will be lit by event staff if given the all clear from TFS. NO other fires are to be lit by competitors. Sealed gas heaters (the big "mushroom" style) are allowed in all campsite areas, as well as cooking stoves etc. However if there is high fire danger any direction from Tas Fire Service or race management must be adhered to.


We ask that you guys keep the village and camping zones clean and take your rubbish home with you. Please take the time to remove your rubbish. Dumping of carb/gel packs on the trackside as opposed to tucking them in your attire somewhere will be frowned upon.

We have been really impressed the way people at our events have managed themselves so I feel like people reading this will already be on the same page. But to be clear this one is pretty simple: Littering intentionally leads to disqualification. Recycling waste bins will be onsite please use them. 

Drinking Water
Drinking water will be available from tanks within the race village. We suggest that riders bring good size water storage containers to fill up at the tank and use at their site.


For your lunch we will supply you with a food voucher which gives you a double taco deal from Taco Taco on each day. Matt and the team will also be providing some brekkie options for you to purchase and the food truck will be open at lunch times and in the evening for you to purchase some evening tucker. The Taco Taco food truck will be operating from 6:30pm on Friday. The Sunday BBQ Will be served from the Taco Taco food truck. There will also be a great coffee vendor on site from early Saturday morning.


Pets are not permitted within any part of the property. There is no exception. It is not that we don’t like them, we just don’t want them running under bike wheels hurting themselves and/or the rider.


Little Tackers
The event is family friendly and we will have a kid friendly space for parents or carers to supervise their kids. We insist that kids be kept out of the start finish area and off the course for their own safety. Kids must be supervised at all times. It is not that we don’t like them, they are very good for making merchandise, cleaning chimneys and trail work, we just don’t want them running under bike wheels. Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed in the licensed areas. 


On course mechanical and assistance
If you encounter a mechanical issue you must proceed along the course back to the race village with your bike and go through the timing station if completing your lap/stage. Riders can assist each other on course, but outside assistance is not permitted. You must be able to either repair your bike on course without assistance or be able to make your way back to the race village via the course to complete your lap. If you withdraw, please let staff know.  If you are in one of the stages that go off site (stages 1 And 4) and need assistance to get back to the race village there will be sweeps and marshals on course to guide you. 


All category podium places receive a trophy. There will be cash prizes for the male and female overall podium. There will be heaps of spot prizes from local bike stores and supporters so hang around for the presentations.

Podium Prizes

1st Overall female $150

2nd Overall female $100

3rd Overall female $75

1st Overall male $150

2nd Overall male $100

3rd Overall male $75


Stage Starts
Stages 1 and 2 will start from the camping end of the race village and will include a rolling fire road loop to spread everyone out before the single track a large orange flag is at the start for stages 1and 2.
Stages 3, (optional night stage) 4, 5 and 6 (Timed Descents) start at the race village from the end where the Marquee and other services are, blue flags will be used to indicate where the start line is. The timed descent stages have a cruise stage to each start and you will be given your scheduled race start times at the end of day 1 these will be online and printed in the race village.


Day 1 

Stage 1 17k
3 laps of 5.7k XC short course with a mixture of open trail and predominantly single track. You start with a fire road loop to spread the field and head into single track elevation is 

Stage 2 36k
3 laps of 12k of one of our endurance courses with a few tweaks and turns thrown in. This stage has loads of single track and although only has really varied terrain and trails.

Stage 3 

Night stage, lights required. It’s possible there will be things on this stage that cannot be explained. Now held earlier due to the date shift this gives ample time for the unofficial stage 3.5, the Moo Brew Pump Track Disco. Watch it, ride it but what ever you do get rowdy!

Day 2 

All day two starts have a 1.7k cruise stage on gravel road and farm trail and single track that takes you onto the top of the hill where the timed descents start at the top of the main hill at Kellevie MTB Park .

Stage 4

1.7k cruise stage 3k race stage - Timed descent 
3k timed descent starts including the Rooster. Mainly single track and Wide flowing berms and some doubles and shark fin jumps thrown in this trail is a belter - one 400m pedally section but it is basically all downhill to the Jettech race village


Stage 5

1.7k cruise stage 2k race stage - Timed descent 

Stage 5 descends onto  Rawhide down to the race village. Fast flowy corners launch you down the hill and then into hand built technical old school trails that includes an A and B line option, if you take the B- Line expect to drop 20-30 secs. The A-Line is a double black feature - It is not recommended for novice - intermediate riders this feature is only recommended for riders of advanced skill level.


Stage 6 1.7k cruise stage 1.8k race stage - Timed descent 

Stage 6 descends down The Elevator (Established and named in 2012) and into the race village to finish the race. The elevator hits up hand crafted single track that leads to as series of fast switch back berms and the on to the Mtn Trails Rock Garden. there is an A and B line and the line will only cost 10 seconds and campfire bragging rights. The A-Line is a double black feature - It is not recommended for novice - intermediate riders this feature is only recommended for riders of advanced skill level.

Course markings
More technical (black) A lines are marked with a large A and indicate a more technically advanced trail - please do not attempt these if you are unsure and use the B lines 
these features are only recommended for riders of advanced skill level.

B lines are marked with a Large B and indicate a less demanding line.

Technical features are marked with two down arrows.

Bridges and crossings are marked as you approach them. Extra caution is recommended in the wet. 

Cruise stage direction arrows are green.

Racing stage direction arrows are red (Time trial descent is marked with an additional TT).

As well as left and right arrows we use an arrow pointing up, this does not mean you have to levitate it means proceed straight ahead on the trail you are on.


Attaching Your Bike Number Plate.
Attach your race plate to the front of your bike using at least 3 ties, securely fastening it to the handle bar and ensuring that it can be easily seen from the front. If you are using different bikes for different stage please ensure you fasten your number plate to the bike you are using for that stage. Remember - if we can't see your number, your lap times may not be captured if the electronic timing system goes poo poo. Please remove your race plate if you are driving to and from the event and carrying your bike on top of your car – we don’t want your race plate to come off and be left on the side of the road somewhere.

Minimum Equipment on the Track.
Each rider must have the following equipment whilst on the course:· Serviceable mountain bike and Australian Standards certified cycling helmet,· A full water bottle or hydration pack,· Tool kit with spare tube and basic tools .·For the night stage you must have : One white front light with sufficient battery power to last 60 minutes and provide safe vision for negotiating the course and one  red rear light. YOUR BIKE MUST TURN UP AT THE EVENT CLEAN AND HAVE BAR ENDS CAPS FITTED.  You may be taken off the start line by scrutineers if you turn up with a crusty rig. This is important as we have lots of cool species in the area that can be badly affected by pathogens and weeds. A first aid kit with a compression is required for the off-site stages 1 and 4

Course Etiquette and Passing Rules
Following are a few tips on the course:· A rider walking their bike must give way to a rider who is riding. The rider being overtaken has right-of-way until the overtaking rider is past and clear by a bike length.· If you want to pass the rider in front on single track, call out "TRACK".· When the rider in front feels it is safe to pass, they will pull over to one side and call "PASS". They may also call out "ON MY LEFT / ON MY RIGHT".· Let the rider in front know what you are doing by calling "ON YOUR LEFT / ON YOUR RIGHT". If there is more than one rider passing, let the rider in front know by calling "TWO COMING THROUGH”. There are several small sleeper bridges and ramps on the course, some of them over water. Overtaking is not allowed on any of these. There are also areas marked with skull and cross bones to indicate danger, extra care must be applied to consider the safety and comfort of other riders during these sections. The same care must be taken with track sections marked with two down arrows to indicate an approaching technical section.

On Course Emergency Procedures
There will be a team of marshals riding during the event. If they request you slow down or divert you please follow their requests. There are sections on the track where assistance from first aid may take time to reach. If you find an injured rider stay with them and send the next person for help. Any person rendering assistance will be given corrected time based on their reported delay.

There will also be marshal points on the track where you can report issues to marshals who will be in communication with race management.

Good Karma
As a philosophical point it is worth remembering although we are racing on a sheep station, we are not racing for one! So be aware that passing involving contact or abuse may result in disqualification. The event is a place to foster good karma. The event provides an atmosphere for a fun social event whilst at the same time enjoying some competitive racing or your own personal challenges. We thank you for involvement, and to help us make the event a success we ask that you help us by being patient and supportive of each other and race officials.

Course description
The course is not overly technical, and involves moderate climbing. In saying that, it is still an MTB course and it is still challenging. If you are racing hard you will be challenged. There are B lines in place for the significant double black technical sections on the last two stages. Only take the A lines if you are a confident rider and have gone and visually checked them out.

Getting there
The race village is located at 509 Kellevie Road, Kellevie.

1.         To get there from Hobart , cross the Tasman Bridge and follow the A3 highway, past

the Hobart Airport, for roughly 25 kilometres passing through Midway Point to reach the town of Sorell.

2.         Once in Sorell, drive through the town Centre until you reach a T intersection.

3.         Turn right here onto the A9 highway. Follow the highway for around 20 kilometres until you reach the Kellevie turnoff. Turn left onto the Kellevie road.

4.         Follow this road for 4 kilometres where you keep left at the Y junction (with Bream Creek Rd). Continue along Kellevie Rd for about 300m till you reach the site entrance on your left.

5.         Follow the farm road for about 1km till you reach the race village where marshals will direct you to parking areas and camping sites.

Q. Will you accept entries on the day?

A. Nope, we need to cater for entrants, organise trophies, number plates, ad services etc based on the number of entrants so once entries close that is it. No on the day entries. We also need to manage bat virus stuff. 

​Q. Can I use different bikes for different stages ?

A. This was a tough one as we have a few people travelling to the event that may not be able to bring two rigs, however we decided that being a fun and social event that is about the different styles of trail riding we have allowed different bikes on different stages , you must change your number plate over from one bike to another. If you don’t we can’t  provide you with a result.

Q. What happens if I can’t complete a stage ?
A. You can still participate in the event if you feel up to the next stages we provide with times for completed stages but you get an incomplete in the overall standings.  

Q. What happens if it rains?  

A. You get wet

N.A. (Nicer Answer) We will have showers, shelter and heating on site and if there is no fire ban (you would think rain might indicate a low fire danger) a toasty campfire. We asses the weather in the week leading up to the event and any significantly adverse forecast may lead to alteration of stages or catastrophic forecast  postponement. We don't have a problem with a bit of mud and rain but an adverse forecast of heavy rain may lead to changes to the event. Postponement will be considered if we feel the forecast leads to significant increased risk to participants and staff. We provide a refund or entry into rescheduled event if we have to postpone. 

Q. Can I bring my dog/camel/eel/wolverine? The dog is really well behaved/ I know the landowner/ dog has supernatural powers/ it's a customs dog/ I am an eel farmer/ my dog has a hippy name/ it's a misunderstood breed.....

A. The last time we let someone bring a pet their eel escaped and killed thousands of sheep in nearby farms and stole everyone's cheese so it's a no, Seriously though we love doggos but not at events  or on farm properties. So to be clear no pets. 

Q. Are entries capped?

A. Yes using the COVID-19 guidelines 29,006 riders who are no bigger than 4 square mm or 250  normal sized riders

Q. I'm new to riding how hard will it be?

A. The course is not overly technical, and involves moderate climbing. In saying that it is still a MTB course and it is still challenging. If you are racing hard you will be challenged. There are B lines in place for the significant technical sections on the last two stages. 

Q.How do I get to the race village ?

A. Google map link :

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